• Woven Bags

    C.P. Poly-Industry Co., Ltd.

    Plastic woven bags, inside laminated bags, outside laminated bags,
    gravure printing bags and paper laminated bags...

  • Food Packaging

    C.P. Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.

    A wide range of plastic packaging product including cups, microwaveable food containers, lids & accessories and buckets...

  • Nonwoven

    CNC International Co., Ltd.

    High quality, innovative spunbond and SMMS Nonwovens, whose ultra-fine continuous PP fibers are used in hygiene, medical and textile...

  • Rigid PVC Sheet

    credit card
    CPPC Public Co., Ltd. (Rigid Plant)

    A wide variety of applications from vacuum film for food / non-food packaging to high-end credit cards ...

We think globally – CPPC for green global

Our company is aware of using resources efficiently, concerning the environment and considerating the community.